The God of Thunder is sent to stop mankind’s endless warring across the globe. How will he react when the faithless people cast him out? Inspired by 18th century author Yuan Mei’s absurd and humorous Censored by Confucius: Ghost Stories and an exploration of the Chinese people’s complex relationship with the traditional God of Thunder.  Writer and director, Zhao Miao, combines classic Chinese shadow play and Nuo Opera with western physical theatre. SanTuoQi return to Edinburgh following their success at both the Fringe and Avignon last year.


Director & Writer           Zhao Miao

Cast                                  Zhu LiXin, Shi Yan, Wu Di, Zhang JiaWen, Wang Zhao, Yu JinLong, Hu HanChi

Executive Producer         Meng Xing

Touring Producer           Joanna Dong & Eldarin Yeong







Venue: The Cockpit

Time: 24 August 2013 7:30pm

               25 August 2013 7:30pm


‘Intensity and lightness. Hardness & poetry"

La Provence

‘A combination of Traditional Chinese Performing Arts and Western Theatre’         

BBC China

‘A group of dedicated young theatre-makers’ 

People’s Daily

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