by Theatre SanTuoQi

Adapted  from the famous ancient Chinese writer Pu Song Ling’s ‘Strange Stories from the Chinese Studio’, Aquatic tells the story of a water ghost living in a deep river. In order to leave the cold river and go to his next life, the water ghost needs to find a drowning human to be his replacement, but in a remote place like this there are few passersby. The water ghost has no chance to put his plan into action, until one day something unexpected happens.


Throughout the 65 minute performance, each actor wears a Nuo mask which represents different kinds of human traits. So, the play not only tells a ghost story, but also tries to convey the special Chinese cultural concept of 'Yin-Yang'. We believe that some interesting discussions and exchanges could result from a Chinese ghost performing on an international stage.


Aquatic is performed by experimental Chinese theatrical company Theatre San Tuo Qi. It is the first Chinese performance group to combines dance skills with Chinese ‘Nuo’, one of the most ancient forms of folk opera from Southwest China. San Tuo Qi brings together a group of talented artists working with the group’s founder Zhao Miao.



Venue: The Cockpit


Time: 23 August 2013 7:30pm

              24 August 2013 2:30pm


★★★★ La Province

'Visually stunning'  BBC China

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